Young's Literal Translation

Psalms 15

The Book of Psalms

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Chapter 16


A Secret Treasure of David. Preserve me, O God, for I did trust in Thee.


Thou hast said to Jehovah, `My Lord Thou art;` My good is not for thine own sake;


For the holy ones who are in the land, And the honourable, all my delight is in them.


Multiplied are their griefs, Who have hastened backward; I pour not out their libations of blood, Nor do I take up their names on my lips.


Jehovah is the portion of my share, and of my cup, Thou -- Thou dost uphold my lot.


Lines have fallen to me in pleasant places, Yea, a beauteous inheritance is for me.


I bless Jehovah who hath counselled me; Also in the nights my reins instruct me.


I did place Jehovah before me continually, Because -- at my right hand I am not moved.


Therefore hath my heart been glad, And my honour doth rejoice, Also my flesh dwelleth confidently:


For Thou dost not leave my soul to Sheol, Nor givest thy saintly one to see corruption.


Thou causest me to know the path of life; Fulness of joys is with Thy presence, Pleasant things by Thy right hand for ever!

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